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      Undercover is a luxury, fashionable and innovative line of intimate wear that gives women the freedom to pick comfort and style, at the same time.

      The brainchild of Monica Anand, Undercover is drawn from real-life examples and stories and is created to answer the woes of innerwear fashion. Backed by intense research and a team of experts, Undercover aims to revolutionise inner fashion, style and comfort. True to its innovative DNA, this journey has further led to the invention and launch of Switchers by Undercover. An innovative range of innerwear, Switchers literally is the one-point answer to all the problems.

      Switchers by Undercover is that one bra that matches all the outfits. It is a comfortable bra that is versatile enough to keep up with every look. It comes with a specially-crafted formula that allows one to switch straps, backs and cups in a jiffy. Thus, everything about and around Undercover is to offer the modern woman the comfort and style that she truly deserves!

      Undercover is based in Mumbai, India.