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      Quick and easy steps to get your Switcher Bra Size. 

      Wear a non-padded bra, stand straight with your arms by your side 
      Measure your under bust using a tape measure. Make sure the tape runs parallel to the ground. This is your Unde Bust measurement. 
      Now, measure  the fullest part of your bust. This is your Over Bust Size. 
      Your Switcher Size is the UK size corresponding to your measurements. 

      Bra Size

      Switcher Bra Size
      Under Bust (Inches)
      Over Bust (Inches)
      Small 24-26 32-34
      Medium 26-28 34-36
      Large 28-30 36-38
      X-Large 30-32 38-40


      Detachable Back Size

      Switcher Bra Size
      Under Bust (Inches)
      Over Bust (Inches)
      Small/ Medium 24-28 32-36
      Large/ X Large 28-32 36-40